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argets circulati▓on of fake news03-12-2018 17:20 BJTJERUSALEM, March 12 (Xinhua) -- It started as a game▓. Or

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Levi, a former Israeli scientist at e▓Bay, challenged his friends: Could they differentiate between au▓tomatic

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ally generated fake news an▓d real news?The game was a succe▓ss and Levi realized that if fake

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news could be generated automatically, artificial intelligenc▓e (AI) could be utilized to re

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cognize fake news that is circulating."I wanted to use AI to break the problem into sm

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aller problems ▓that are solvable by AI," Or Levi tells Xinhua.Thus Adverif.ai was born in 2?/p>

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?17, the year in which the Collin dictionary crowned "fake news" as the word of the y

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ten referred to simply as Pei Pa Koa, is sold as much as 70 U.S. dol

wh▓ere the headquarters of the com▓pany are located. He has a team working both in Is▓rael and the United States.The sophisticated algorithm takes existing content and first checks to see if it was already discredited by other fact-checking sources.Accor▓ding to Levi, fake news can be identified partly due to the language used▓ in such publications, short sentences filled with sentiment, exc

lars online through third parties for a 300-milliliter bottle, the Wall Street J

lamation marks and question words, things that do not frequent in credible news report▓ing.In the age where news is generated by many sources and easily spread not only by reputable news organizations, the job ▓is immense.Currently, firms like

ournal said.Shares of Kingworld Medicines Group, a Hong Kong-listed Chinese pharmaceutical

Google and▓ Facebook employ thousands of people wh▓o are tasked at identifying fake news and ma▓licious content.Facebook found itself in the midst▓ of controversy when denying almost any▓ presence of fake news in its platform."The problem with manual screening is they are dealing with amou▓nts of data that are impossible for humans to process," Levi told

company that pr▓oduces the remedy, soared 25 percent on Monday followi

Xinhua.Levi claims his software has 90 percent accuracy rates, saying 100 percent ▓is probably impossible to reach."We don't know▓ where the glass ceiling is yet," he added.The▓ tool Levi is offering will not r▓eplace human screening completely, but will expedite the process.In an attempt to perhaps rectify past mistakes, last week F▓acebook announced a partnership with the Associated Press (AP) aimed at debunking "fal▓se and misleading stories" related to the▓ upcoming mid-term elections in the United States

ng the report.The medicine in the form of 300-milliliter bottle now is sold at 1

.The main markets targeted by Adverif.ai are the advertising market, media ▓and social media organizations, governments or non-governmental organizations.The adv▓ertising market is perhaps most lucrative, but also most vulnerable to fake news.Cli

3.29 dollar▓s apiece on Walmart's online platform, which is more than

ckbait, content which is meant to attract ▓attention and more clicks is leading source of malicious content.The "click pe▓rformance model" provides a huge incentive for publishing information that is not entirely true but attracts web traffic."What we are trying to do is to cut the channel between the advertisi▓ng networks and fake news movers," Levi expl▓ained adding "once they don't have t

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he ▓incentive, we hope they will move forward to other ventures."▓Whether advertisers will be willing to give up on traffic in order to enhance their c▓redibility remains a question.A study published▓ just days ago by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Media Lab found that false news was 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than true news.The study said this was more likely partly due to the lingui▓stic features that Adverif.ai's algorithm al▓so uses to identify such content.Levi declined to give names of firms working with Adverif.▓ai, only saying he has clients ▓in the social media

and advertising market. He mentioned also workin▓g pro bono with certain fact checking o▓rganizations.Israeli financial newspaper Calca▓list recently reported that the European Unio

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n Monday I love this #app. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. #Mobile

and misinformation circulating on the web.With f▓akes news not going away, there is clearly in nee▓d for means to target it and reduce its scope.▓Please scan the

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QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on W▓echatSeven out of ten new Audi ▓SUV models to be produced in China: CEOSeven out of t

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en new Audi SUV models to be produced in China: CEOSeven out of ten new Audi SUV models to be produced in China: CEO03-16-2018 17:5▓8 BJTINGOLSTADT, Germany, M

DeltaApp is fab lorem ipsum dolor sit amet proin sagittis sodales pulvinar Mauris id arcu eget augue condimentum euismod

arch ▓15 (Xinhua) -- German carmaker Audi will launch 10 new SUV models for the Chi▓nese market in the coming five years, seven of which will also be produced

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locally, Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler said Thursday at an annual press conference.Stadler said four of the ten new models will be fully electric.

characteristi▓c is

very convenient, she sai

d."Much mo

"In the next five years, we will more than double our portfolio from local production together with our Chinese partner FAW," he said."T

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ogether we will s▓ignificantly expand our product range above all in the area of electrified ▓drive systems and sporty SUVs," Sta▓dler ad

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  • r the 2017-2018 flu season, according t?/li>
  • 坥 the Centers for Disease Control a▓nd

ion."I thi

ded.Stadler also noted that the ye▓ar 2018 is a special anniversary year for Audi in China because the company started 30 years ago as th

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  • innie added. "In fact, we also sold mor?/li>
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e first premium manufacturer the local production in Audi▓'s largest single market so far.In 2017, the carmaker, based in the southern German city o▓f Ingolstadt, saw a record sale of 1,

  • past few days.""Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa is made of precious
  • Chinese herbs and honey, and has remarkable ef
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